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News on Neopor®

Read the latest news about innovative developments and applications with our original grey Neopor®, and news on the classic Styropor®.


Video: Saving CO2 through holistic modernization

Would you like to know whether sustainable and future-oriented building can be economical? Then take a look at our new video about the Brunckviertel district in Ludwigshafen.
Brunckvierten Luftaufnahme

The Brunckviertel district in Ludwigshafen, Germany, a workers’ housing estate dating back to the 1930s, was comprehensively refurbished from 1997 to 2006. Coordinated modernization measures in the field of renewable energies and thermal insulation reduce CO2 emissions and save heating costs. Facade insulation featuring materials made of Neopor® formed the heart of the renovation project.

Advantages of holistic modernization:

  • Up to 80 % less heating energy
  • Benefits for climate protection
  • Long-term value retention
  • Greater comfort

Link to the film.