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Neopor® 관련 뉴스

글로벌 BASF Neopor® 및 Styropor® 뉴스를 통해 혁신적인 개발 제품에 관한 최신 뉴스를 읽어보세요.


인증서와 오피스 빌딩

Ludwigshafen의 신축 오피스건물인 BASF는 고성능 단열재인 Neopor®을 사용하므로 지속 가능한 건축에 대한 상당히 높은 요구사항을 충족합니다.


The flat roofs of building D105 are located at different levels. This is a flat roof area on a lower level between transparent facades. Employees have a lovely view of the areas, which will later be landscaped.

The new office complex of BASF SE in Ludwigshafen/Germany is not only intended for representation purposes, but should also reflect the aspiration of the company – to contribute to a sustainable future. Consequently, the flat roofs of the building incorporated insulation material based on the raw material developed and produced by BASF: Neopor®.

The properties of the high performance insulation material have made a major contribution to the sustainability of the building and the positive certification by DGNB. The material improves energy efficiency while minimising construction costs:

  • Low thermal conductivity reduces CO2 emissions and running costs
  • New flame-retardant material Polymeric-FR has a better environmental profile than its predecessors
  • Neopor® fulfils static requirements thanks to its high compressive strength
  • Owing to its long durability, Neopor® contributes to sustainable construction
  • Neopor® also offers numerous design options – a clear benefit for planners