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Optimal Attic Insulation with Neopor®

Regardless of the legal requirements, it is recommendable for all owners of old buildings to check the thermal insulation in the attic, which may help to significantly save costs. In many buildings, the ceiling of the top floor is poorly insulated or not insulated at all. The attic can be optimally insulated using insulation boards made of Neopor®.


Key Advantages of Attic Insulation with Neopor®

  • Optimal insulation
  • High energy cost savings
  • Recommendable for old buildings
Photo:Stephan Falk

Neopor® reference objects

The graphit containing insulation boards made of Neopor® set high standards of quality and have shown by a large number of reference projects throughout Europe.


Reducing CO2 with insulation boards made of Neopor® BMB

Insulation boards made of Neopor® BMB protect the environment and the climate by helping to reduce CO2 emissions throughout their life cycle.


Neopor® professional brochure