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Warm feet in multi-family house – basement ceiling insulation with sandwich panels in Ludwigshafen

A great deal of energy can be lost through the floor of a ground-floor flat if the basement is not insulated. After insulating the basement ceiling of the multi-family house in Ludwigshafen, the floors are now warmer and the tenants save energy.

  • Energy-efficient renovation of the basement ceiling of a multi-family house built in 1927 with 30 living units
  • Total basement ceiling area: approx. 800 m2
  • Insulation thickness: 10 cm with WLG032
  • Insulation boards in sandwich-design: 
  • 95 % made of Neopor® for an optimal energy efficiency
  • 5 % made of Styropor® for compressive strength and aesthetics

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"There are clear benefits in the greater living comfort for the ground-floor flats—the floor is significantly warmer. Insulating the basement ceiling additionally contributes to overall energy savings: the tenants benefit from lower energy costs."

Birgit Fauss-Schaaf, project lead

Ceiling insulation (Basement)

Basement ceilings can be optimally insulated with insulation boards made of Neopor®, the existing ceiling height is only minimally reduced, and as a result, the heating energy consumption is lowered – thanks to Neopor®’s improved insulation performance compared to conventional EPS.

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