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3-Litre House in Ludwigshafen/Germany: Roof insulation, basement ceiling insulation, external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) with insulation materials made of Neopor®

By creating the first 3-litre home in Europe, LUWOGE has shown what is possible by using innovative materials when modernizing old buildings. The go-ahead to modernize a block of flats on Knietschstraße, in the Brunckviertel of Ludwigshafen, was given back in 1999. No-one could have foreseen at the time that the energy concept chosen for the renovation of the building erected in 1951 from the rubble of the war years would become famous beyond the city and the borders of Germany itself.

  • First 3-litre house in Europe from BASF Bauen + Wohnen
  • Innovative building materials for renovating old buildings
  • Heat requirement has been reduced by around 80% to 30 kWh/m2a through:
    • Insulation measures
    • Controlled ventilation systems
    • Triple-glazed windows

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"In our climate zone, it’s always a good thing when the heat stays inside. And we hardly ever have to turn on the heating, only on a few really cold days in the winter. [...] We’ve benefited enormously from the insulation and the ventilation system."






Peter Doland, Tenant

Above-rafter Insulation

From a structural-physical point of view, above-rafter insulation is an optimal construction, since the insulating layer is installed virtually without gaps above the roof construction. In doing so, the visible rafters are integrated as a decorative element in the interior design of the rooms.

Between- and Under-rafter Insulation

Slotted thermal insulation boards made of Neopor® are ideal for between-rafter insulation. Special longitudinal slits make the insulation board flexible and elastic, which enables a perfect fit of the panels between the rafters.