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Doktornberg in Hamburg/Germany: Cavity insulation with Neopor®

The Doktornberg villa in Hamburg, Germany, demonstrates that cavity insulation is an ideal solution to retain the appearance of beautiful old facades. The energetic modernisation using prefoamed Neopor® and the elimination of damaged joints drastically reduce heat loss.

  • Villa built in 1928 (stories with a basement and unfinished hipped roof)
  • U value of uninsulated facade: 1.64 W/m2*K
  • Facade surface of 256 m2 exhibited high energy losses
  • Injection nozzle blows prefoamed Neopor® and water-based adhesive into the wall cavity 
  • Avoiding changes in the building’s external appearance
  • Reparation of damaged joints
  • U value of the insulated façade: 0.38 W/m2*K (heat loss through the facade has been reduced by 77 %)

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"Cavity insulation was the ideal solution, as all of the requirements were met by one single product."






Georg Seimel,
proprietor of EuGon Consulting GmbH,
Energy Consultancy

Cavity insulation / loose beads with Neopor®

Two-leaf masonry structures represent a rainproof wall structure even when subjected to heavy loading from driving rain. Insulating materials made of Neopor® can be employed for frost-resistant, back-ventilated masonry as well as purely for cavity insulation that is not backventilated.